EVERY Sales Person Should Must Watch Rocky

There are some fantastic sales films out there like Wolf of Wall Street and Glengarry Glen Ross which will definitely get you pumped up to sell. Rocky isn’t one you’ll often find in any “Top Sales Films” lists, it’s certainly not one I’ve included in mine. However I think it’s good that it’s not about selling, but about the keys to success that are so in sync with success in sales.

I genuinely think that every person working in sales should watch these films are here’s why:
1 – They Show The Importance Of Hard Work
Rocky isn’t some sort of natural champion who just walks into a ring and has the ability to beat anyone. He’s the underdog, a normal guy with a passion for boxing. He has to work relentlessly hard to achieve success often pushing himself to his physical and mental limits.
In sales this is EXACTLY the same. The number one top sellers across the world don’t just walk in and close every deal they find. They all started from the bottom and hard to work relentlessly to get to that point. They come in every day pushing past objections and overcoming challenges to win their sales. Just like a boxer will train every single day, a top sales professional will work harder than anyone else.
2 – They Show The Need To Adapt
Rocky faces a number of very different opponents in the films and for each one he needs to adapt both the way he trains and the way he fights. He can’t go into each fight the same way because he understands each opponent is different.
In sales this is crucial, you can’t sell the same way to every customer. You need to research each prospect, adapt to their buying style, their communication style. The best sales people work to understand their customers, mirror them and to ensure that each deal is personalised in as many ways as possible. You might find that one prospect is more active on social media, so to win that customer you need to adapt, learn social media and leverage that to win them.
3 – They Show The Need To Be Hungry
One of the biggest standout moments for me was in Rocky 3 when he fights Mr T. After Rocky has been the reigning champion for some time, a more driven and hungry Mr T comes in and beats Rocky with ease. The film then shows Rocky’s challenge to find his hunger again to be able to come back and win his belt back.
In sales I see this all the time, great sales people who lose their hunger or who lose sight of why they’re selling. It is so important to know what you’re working for and to have something worth working hard for.  You might win a sale, you might hit target, you might have one really good month, but in sales you’ve got to keep that hunger growing. Every month is a new month, every day is a new day and there are other sales people working to win YOUR customers. The moment you let your guard down or lose your hunger, they’ll win them.
4 – They Show The Need To Bounce Back
Like any good film plot, the Rocky films often have a moment of real challenge followed by the hard work to overcome it. Obviously Rocky is famous for the work out montage and running up the stairs success scene!
Again in sales resilience is key and you need to be able to bounce back from anything to succeed. You might get the phoned slammed down on you one day, have a customer swear at you the next, or a big deal that you had counted on fall apart another. If you let those situations break you, you’ll struggle to truly succeed in sales. You need to brush them off, learn from them and find the hunger to move on, move up and win again.
The “Rocky” Self-Development Homework….
If you’re working in sales I would highly recommend watching the Rocky series of films. It may not feel like it but I’d even class it as self-development. You’ll hopefully find them motivational and will make the connections I’ve made that you can take back and apply to sales straight away. Self-development doesn’t have to always include reading books or attending seminars, mix it up with films, music and sport to get a full balance of information, motivation and inspiration.
I can remember one of my very first sales jobs, after a very tough month which left me licking my wounds my manager pulled me aside. He told me to go home, watch the film “300” and then come back in the next day. After watching the adrenaline pumped film I returned to work the next day full of energy and motivation!
I’ll always look to help find the best sales books, courses, events, blogs, podcasts etc out there for you and also films, music, sports as well. Today I will highly recommend checking out the Rocky films!