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8 Reasons Why Your Site Might Not Get Indexed

Hi Bloggers, I've recently had to deal with several indexing problems that a few clients were experiencing. After digging deeper into the problems, I figured I'd write a post for Moz to share my experience so others don't have to spend as much time digging for answers to indexation problems. All it means is that your site, or parts of it, are not getting added to the Google index, which means that nobody will ever find your content in the search results.

Identifying Crawling Problems
Start your investigation by simply typing into the Google search bar. Does the number of results returned correspond with the amount of pages your site has, give or take? If there's a a large gap in the number of results versus the actual number of pages, there might be trouble in paradise. (Note: the number given by Google is a ballpark figure, not an exact amount). You can use the SEO Quake plugin to extract a list of URLs that Google has indexed. (Kieran Daly made a sh…

Best Digital Marketers In the World that you must Follow

Best Digital Marketers in the World Digital marketing is a field where you learn something new everyday, when i started my career in Digital marketing everyday i used to search was about Best Digital Marketers in the World, new concepts, scope, career also about the people involved in this field and read about their success stories, how they became Top internet marketers in the world and try to learn some new from their stories. With all my research i came up with the list of Best digital marketers who inspires me with the work they do also the way they spread the awareness about Digital Marketing.

1. Neil Patel: He is from London, UK and he is a co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics.

Crazy Egg is a platform where you get to know about the user behavior in your site which can help you to boost your conversions. Hello Bar is a tool to attract your customers by designing messages. To learn everything about SEO, Social media or email marketing or conversion optimization you …

Introduction of Marketing - Digital Vs Traditional Marketing!

Marketing is a wide term but in simple words.

"Marketing means the advertisement (print media, broadcast media, emails, display ads etc.) of your services or products and solutions on different and related media which helps you to improve your Brand awareness, Website Traffic and generating leads."

•Traditional Marketing

•Digital Marketing

Let us see how the following table lists a few points that differentiate digital marketing from traditional marketing −

Traditional Marketing

1. Communication is unidirectional. Means, a business communicates about its products or services with a group of people. It’s a one way process.

2. Medium of communication is generally phone calls, letters, and prints.

3. Campaigning takes more time for designing, planning, preparing, and launching.

4. It is carried out for a specific audience throughout from generating campaign ideas up to selling a product or a service.

5. It is conventional way of marketing; best for reaching local audience.

6. It …