Do You Know The History of Power Banks?

All through the entire procedure of rise and improvement of power bank, we can condense it in five stages:

Initial, 2001-2003, Essential Power Bank 

Power bank is collected by understudies with AA batteries and control circuit, and displayed in CES 2001 first. Around then, the battery has short cycle life and huge size. Power bank appears as another conceived in light of the fact that the assembling innovation of battery is youthful, particularly to scaled down measured battery-cell, is still clear. Effective business sector has not been shaped in China however numerous famous organizations include in advancing power bank.

Second, 2004-2006, The Period of Business sector Idea 

history of power bank
Huaqi formally propelled most recent power bank, "Motor Compartment". It appeared this industry began restoring while brands like "Aigo"and"Anytone"come up. Following a year, the creating innovations in the long run made up the basic of power bank. It has administration circuit, IC, material battery and related essential innovations. Industry did begin rising. However household business sector is still at preparatory stage. Numerous organizations swing to remote exchange.

2005, HELOIDEO to be specific Shenzhen South Fortune Innovation Co., Ltd. set up and started remote business.

Third, 2006-2007, Creating Market 

More popular OEM organizations got included in and after that best in class the advancement of power bank market. Power bank is perceived progressively. As an autonomous thing, power bank at long last got at people.

Fourth, 2007-2009 

2007 Apple propelled style iPhone with capable capacities, which shocked cellular telephone market. However the battery of iPhone couldn't be dismantled and changed by purchasers, and could labor for 4 hours before energizing. In this way iPhone clients turned into the biggest focus of power bank. At this stage there were around fifty brands.
Fifth, 2009-2012, Developing Business sector

Power bank market developed quickly. There existed more than 500 brands. The measure of HELOIDEO came to another level of 40 million dollars and expanded by 20% every year. HELOIDEO devotes to development of items that enhance individuals' versatile life and do bests to introduce great things to everybody.