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Do You Know The History of Power Banks?

All through the entire procedure of rise and improvement of power bank, we can condense it in five stages:

Initial, 2001-2003, Essential Power Bank 

Power bank is collected by understudies with AA batteries and control circuit, and displayed in CES 2001 first. Around then, the battery has short cycle life and huge size. Power bank appears as another conceived in light of the fact that the assembling innovation of battery is youthful, particularly to scaled down measured battery-cell, is still clear. Effective business sector has not been shaped in China however numerous famous organizations include in advancing power bank.

Second, 2004-2006, The Period of Business sector Idea 

Huaqi formally propelled most recent power bank, "Motor Compartment". It appeared this industry began restoring while brands like "Aigo"and"Anytone"come up. Following a year, the creating innovations in the long run made up the basic of power bank. It has administration circuit, IC, …