Another Reason Not to Block JavaScript

Google Mobile Search Descriptions Now Say If You’re Blocking Google

It can contrarily affect your bit in the portable query items now. Zineb Ait Bahajji reported on Google+ that now Google's portable indexed lists pieces will demonstrate a message to searchers when Google is not able to demonstrate the scrap to searchers in light of the fact that the website admin to hindering their crawlers.

Back in August 2012, Google added this peculiarity to desktop seek, where a website admin blocked Google-bot and Google would demonstrate that URL in the list items, Google would demonstrate a message concerning why they were not able to demonstrate a completely designer indexed lists piece.

Presently, Google is bringing this peculiarity to portable list items, actually when the desktop adaptation is completely crawlable, yet the versatile form is blocking Google.

For instance, a hunt on [deals] in Google demonstrate the desktop form demonstrating the full scrap however the portable variant with a blocked piece. The message Google shows peruses "A portrayal for this result is not accessible due to this present site's robots.txt – take in more." The take in more connection goes to this page.