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6 Must-Have Technical SEO Skills an SEO Professional Should Have

Ask any number of kids what they want to be when they grow up, and at least one will point out an obvious answer: astronaut. Actually, it’s pretty likely at some point most kids wanted to be astronauts. And yet we don’t see many roaming around. Why? Because becoming one is notoriously difficult. First, you need a degree in engineering, math, or science. It would also help your cause to have either a military background or to a piloting license. Add an avid interest in mountain climbing, scuba diving, or skiing while you’re at it. Then, make sure you can pass a rigorous set of physical and psychological exams. Oh, and be the best at something else other than all that previous stuff. Congratulations! You might get a chance to go to an interview. Maybe that’s one reason we don’t see that many astronauts. But the idea of a generalist background extends to more than the exotic job of being an astronaut. Many other professions are similar. To attend law school in the US, you need to alread…

7 Things About Digital Marketing Everyone Should Know

Via: Forbes

Digital marketing is something every company has to give due consideration to. Not an online business you say. Too bad because that doesn’t excuse you from anything. Even local, land-based businesses have to focus on the online arena, as that’s where their target audiences are.

Here are seven things about digital marketing you absolutely have to know.
1. Mobile Is Now 

Audiences aren’t shifting more to browsing via mobile devices. They are already there. Over 50% of all Internet users are now operating exclusively on mobile devices. If you haven’t made your site responsive and geared everything towards smaller screens, you’re in trouble. First, Google will actively penalize you in the search results, consequently reducing your audience. Second, your existing customers will become increasingly frustrated and alienated.

2. Micro-Moments

The easiest way to define this is by relating it to impulse shopping. Portability and accessibility in the business world has led to the rise …

4 SEO Mistakes That Could Penalize Your Website

You did everything right when optimizing your site for search -- or so you thought. Contributor Neil Patel explains where you may have gone wrong.
No one gets a site penalty on purpose. Sometimes it happens through carelessness, sometimes through black-hat techniques and, sometimes, through honest SEO mistakes. I’ve watched four such mistakes happen recently. These sites were honestly attempting to follow SEO best practices, but they were penalized. Why? I’ll explain all. It is worth noting that I wrote this article based on a real-life experience, so this isn’t pie-in-the-sky theory. Each point that I discuss below is tied to a real life ranking problem. Each example that I discuss is connected a to a real-life online business. (However, company details have been changed to protect their identities.) A Disclaimer: If you find any points of connection between your site and the examples, don’t panic. Millions of sites have affiliate programs. Millions of companies engage in cozy relati…

5 Video Editing Tools to Try in 2018

Video viewing rates are on the rise. In fact, it’s becoming one of the most popular ways that we consume content. People watch more than 500 million hours of videos on YouTube every day. And that’s just YouTube. We’re watching videos everywhere on the Internet these days. According to HubSpot’s State of Inbound Report, video marketing is on the rise, too: More companies will be adding video to their digital marketing strategy in the next 12 months. According to WordStream, marketers who use video in their digital strategy increase revenue 49% faster than non-video users. And 43% of people actually want to see more videos from marketers in the future. On top of that, social video generates 1,200% more shares than text and images combined. What’s this mean for you? You need to create videos if you want to stay competitive. But consistently putting out video content takes time, money, and skills. Developing great videos for your company isn’t an easy or cheap task.