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Facebook buy WhatsApp in $19bn

Facebook has bought messaging app WhatsApp in a deal worth a total of $19bn (£11.4bn) in cash and shares. It is the social networking giant's biggest acquisition to date. WhatsApp has more than 450 million monthly users and is popular with people looking to avoid text messaging charges. In a statement announcing the deal, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg described WhatsApp's services as "incredibly valuable". WhatsApp allows users to send messages over internet connections, avoiding text messaging fees. The company claims it is currently registering one million new users a day. It makes money by charging users a subscription fee of $1 per year, although it offers a free model as well.

Meet Microsoft’s New CEO

Microsoft has selected an intelligent, well-liked, and technically savvy internal product guy — who might be considered by some as a little bland when compared to former CEO Steve Ballmer — as the company’s next chief executive. Satya Nadella, until being selected as CEO of Microsoft, headed up the company’s cloud and enterprise division — which was arguably the revenue- and profit-driver for a company with its hands in just about everything. Before running that division, he ran Bing, the company’s search engine, and eventually Microsoft’s Servers and Tools division. Most of all, Nadella, who is 46 years old and married with three children, is known as an executive with a strong enterprise background, even though Microsoft is still developing products for consumers like Bing and Xbox