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Build a Quadcopter Drone with a Self-leveling Camera Gimbal

There are essentially two configurations for a quadcopter: the “+” frame and the “X” frame. Here we’ve chosen to build an “X” frame so your onboard camera can have a clear forward view.

We’ll take you all the way from building the airframe to adding autonomous flight capability with ArduPilot. Once you’ve got it working, you could program this drone, for instance, to automatically visit a series of landmarks or other waypoints and take pictures of them.

Wiring Diagram: 
Step #1: Fabricate the body

Step #2: Cut and drill the booms

Step #3: Assemble the frame

Step #4: Wire the power hub

Step #5: Drill motor shaft clearances

Step #6: Mount the motors

Step #7: Add the landing gear

Step #8: Install the shock mounts

Step #9: Build the camera/ battery mount

Step #10: Mount the camera and battery

Step #11: Install the avionics

Which Laptop CPU is Right for You?

A computer's processor is its brain, the component where most of the "thinking" happens. A faster CPU (central processing unit) lets you crunch spreadsheets, surf web pages, play games or edit photos faster, but a higher-wattage processor may also give you worse battery life. When you're shopping for a laptop, you'll usually see the name of the processor listed prominently in every product description. However, just seeing the CPU model name, without any context, can be confusing. Is a laptop with a Core i7-7Y75 CPU faster than one with a Core i5-7200U? How much speed do you really need, anyway? Most laptops today are powered by an Intel CPU, with a just handful of lower-cost models using one of AMD's processors. Even though most of the chips come from one company, there are more than two dozen different models you might see featured in a brand new notebook. Fortunately, learning the basics isn't too difficult. TLDR; Which CPU Do I Need? We detail all the…